Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching Up

For Mother's Day Doug gave me a new camera and I have been waiting for him to install some stuff on my laptop so that I can post all the pictures I have been taking.
On Wednesday the 14th Aidan graduated from kindergarten. His class sang two songs up on the stage and it was so darn cute.
Thursday Kaelyn had a doctor's appointment and the doctor wants me to supplement formula because she hasn't been gaining weight. The doctor gave me a free can of formula and when I got home I made her a bottle and she ate a little of it and she seemed to like it. About 20 minutes later she threw it up and her face turned all red and she was sneezing and her nose was running like crazy. I guess she is allergic to the formula. I've been trying to give her soy formula but she won't take it, probably because she was so miserable after having the other formula. Poor skinny girl.

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