Monday, April 7, 2008


On Saturday Doug buzzed the boys hair. They were getting kinda shaggy and were due for a cut. I think Ashton looks so cute with his short hair. Less like a toddler and more like a boy. He hated getting his hair buzzed. He cried and wiggled around like crazy. I'm sure he will get used to it eventually. Aidan on the other hand sits nice and still and lets Doug buzz his hair and its done nice and quick. What a good boy!


AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

what handsome boys!! :)

Julie Flowers said...

Hey Becky & Doug... I happened to find your blog... and I am in shock how big your kids are I haven't even seen your little girl and your boys are huge! What a cute family! I hope everything is going well for you guys! Check us out at: