Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Kids

Just thought I would share whats going on with the kids.
Aidan is in all day kindergarten and really likes it (most of the time). He's made some friends and he likes to take an extra snack in his lunch for his best friend Diego. He is in the top of his class (which unfortunately doesn't mean much at this particular school) and is doing pretty good sounding out words for reading. He is also good at writing. He loves to play the wii, especially zelda and don't get him started talking about it or you'll be sorry.
Ashton is into everything. If you leave something on the counter where he can reach it he will grab it and hide. He is so sneaky sometimes you won't even notice it missing until you see him with it, whatever it may be. Usually its food, he's a good eater. I swear he eats all day. He's really into cars right now and always carries one or two around with him. He loves watching Little Einsteins and playing outside. He is a very big boy. At his 2 yr check up he was 32 lbs and 38 1/4 in. tall.
Kaelyn is so sweet and always smiles at everyone. She is always laughing at the boys, she really loves her brothers. She is a pretty easy baby just fussy when she is tired or hungry and she sleeps well too. She seems so small to me, probably because the boys were such big babies, she was only like 12 lbs at her 4 month check up. I swear Ashton was that big when he was born, at least it seemed like it when I was pushing him out, he was such a chunk.

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